KEBUDAYAAN DAN PEMBANGUNAN DAERAH (Sebuah Refleksi Kebangkitan Nilai)


  • Simon Sabon Ola Universitas Nusa Cendana
Keywords: culture, development, value


This paper discusses  about several cultural aspects of culture  that can be used as a foundation for regional development. The facts show that cultural based development is not yet holistic. There are many cultural values ​​that are neglected in regional development. At least four aspects of development that can take advantage of local-traditional culture, namely:   matters of livelihood, matters of government, politics, and matters of religion and belief in God Almighty. The presentation of facts regarding the four things mentioned above is a reflection of the revival of values. This reflection would spur all government policy to take advantage of aspects of local culture as a material consideration in designing and implementing development in the region.

How to Cite
S. S. Ola, “KEBUDAYAAN DAN PEMBANGUNAN DAERAH (Sebuah Refleksi Kebangkitan Nilai)”, Lazuardi, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 1-7, Dec. 2021.